Mitt, Ah, Those Bank Accounts

Mitt was enjoying a pleasant weekend in the Hamptons with a group of fellow millionaires when some nasty magazine reported something about his bank accounts. Mitt and his friends were enjoying fine wines, fine food, air conditioned rooms and writing checks to end Socialism in America. For some reason those Communist Democrats will not even allow Mitt a pleasant weekend in the Hamptons with all the other folk who can afford such a place to relax.

Vanity Fair reported Mitt had bank accounts in Switzerland and in the Caribbean where most of his friends keep a nice tax haven spot that is close to their pocketbooks. Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley commented: “I’vbe never known of a Swiss bank account to build a bridge.”

Well, you Socialists, where else can God fearing hard working billionaires keep their money? In Socialist America whose top of 36% is lower than just about every European nation?

Mit deserves a break. How about sending him your life savings in order to ensure that he can save America from a Socialist government that wants to prevent every millionaire from becoming a billionaire.