Mitt Wants Poor To Eat Dust

It is one thing to sell one’s soul in order to get money or power, but for Mitt Romney the tragedy is  his willingness to sell it so cheaply. Once again, he demonstrated a lack of moral or intellectual courage because the most important thing in life was pandering to those who preach hate. He boasted of a desire to cut “welfare spending dramatically” while pandering to the middle class which he claims are the group most persecuted in modern America. Of course, the middle class is being clobbered by Republican political decisions, but all too many already have become part of the welfare class.

Latest figures indicate over 50% of children eat free lunches at school. I guess Mitt would eliminate free lunch –unless, of course, it was a free lunch tax deduction for business folk. Who is this man? Is there anything he would not say in order to get a vote?