Obama Just Doesn’t Get It!

It took three years, but President Obama finally came to the realization that JOBS are the most important concern of the American people. There is a growing sense of uneasiness among Democratic politicians that another Obama run for the presidency will only add to their electoral woes. Most Americans like him, they like his family, but few believe he has fought for jobs nor will he if Republicans say, “boo!” The president wasted three valuable years speaking in generalities, failing to offer a solid job program and twisting and dodging.

His attitude toward Bush violations of civil rights illustrates the presidency of Barack Obama. A LIBERAL president would have initiated investigations to uncover what actually happened in the invasion of Iraq, but Obama fears “being divisive” and opposed “going back” to the fact over 5,000 Americans died in two invasions. The word that  best exemplifies Barack Obama is “DIVISIVE.” If Republicans lie about their responsibility he will not call them out because that would be “divisive.”

It is time for Barack Obama to do one last thing for the American people–announce he will NOT run for re-election. Get a new face in the picture, get someone who is willing to take on Republicans and there then might be a chance of restoring the economy.