Okinawans Protest US Soldier Rape Attack

Protests continue mounting on Okinawa over the latest incident in which a 14 year-old girl allegedly was raped by an American soldier. The Okinawa Women Acting Against Military Violence set a letter to the American government demanding an apology and compensation for the girl who was attacked. “Can we allow the U.S. military to interfere in the lives of Okinawans,” said the letter. “Why are we not making a safe environment for Okinawan women a priority?”

As long as there are military bases anywhere in the world there will be incidents in which soldiers attack women. American forces have now been stationed in Japan and on Okinawa for over sixty years. The reasons for their original being placed in these locations has long since disappeared into history. Isn’t it about time to withdraw the 50,000 military personnel and have them sent to areas where there presence is needed?

  • Hot News

    I agree with them, I think that USA should resolve these problems, by approving more conjugal visits or something.

  • Dustin Hawk

    In light of the recent events that have occurred, I still disagree with removing all U.S. forces from Japan. Our presence in the Pacific provides a counterbalance against China’s growing military strength. I do believe that the Marine Corps should eventually withdraw their personnel from Okinawa, considering the global reach that we now have. Having been stationed in Okinawa (Kadena actually), I have found many of the people there to be friendly towards us.

    And why all of the sudden focus on American personnel committing crimes? A couple years ago, there was a local shopkeeper using two Okinawan schoolgirls in his own little prostitution business.

    This doesn’t excuse the past behavior of U.S. Forces on the island, but it’s a common fact on Okinawa that the local media directly supports the movement to remove the U.S. forces, regardless of the damage it will do to the local economy and the region in the long-term. In fact, Okinawa Times has that goal in it’s official mission statement.

    Once details of the rape investigation are revealed, then it will be the right time to pass judgement.

  • Fred Stopsky

    1. The first assumption is China is planning some sort of military venture in Asia. Why? They so enjoy America wasting billions on war while China uses its billions to gain trade advantages all over the world.
    2. The second assumption is the presence of 50,000 troops will somehow deter China.