Pakistan, Land Of Hate!

The essential purpose of any religion is fostering love and care for fellow humans. No great religious leader, whether of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist belief, has urged followers to kill and murder in his name. But, then again, there is always Pakistan. Salmaan Taseer, then Governor of Punjab province voided a death sentence against Aasia Norea who had the misfortune to be a Christian. She had been charged with blasphemy under a law which, in theory, could define as  blasphemous virtually any comment made about religon from those who were not Muslim. His bodyguard, one Muataz Qadri, took out his weapon and blasted the governor with 20 bullets.

They actually arrested this guy. Hundreds of LAWYERS marched to praise this common murderer and showered him with rose petals! A court has now ruled  he will face the death penalty. Already hundreds are in the streets protesting sending a murderer to death. After all, in their view, he should get a reward!

Years ago, Omar Saeed Sheikh, murdered an American correspondent, Daniel Pearl, and was allegedly sentenced to death. He is alive and well as will be the murderer of Governor Taseer. Oh, the governor’s son was kidnapped in August. We can assume kidnappers will be willing to exchange him for their beloved hero.