Pope Accepts Bishop Resignation On Child Abuse Cases

Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of Bishop Donal Murray in Ireland because of his “inexcusable” mishandling of child abuse cases. Over the years, parents and children made complaints regarding the behavior of priests, but the good bishop decided to ignore their statements because of his firm belief that priests were men of God, not men of the flesh. “I humbly apologize once again,” he told an audience of those who had been abused of knew of such behavior, “to all who were abused as little children.. I repeat that my primary concern is to assist in every way I can on their journey towards final closure and serenity.”

I have no doubt the Bishop is speaking from his heart and is truly sorry for what happened. But, isn’t it about time for such bishops and the Pope to pose even more critical questions concerning priests and nuns in the church? Isn’t it about time to rethink the entire idea of marriage for the clergy and hope allowing priests and nuns a normal sexual life will result in healthier sexual attitudes?

  • journeyer58

    As a Catholic and progressive, I find it unimaginable that the Pope, would continue to excuse and defend the one’s sought for and found guilty of child sexual abuse.
    The fact of that celibacy is one of the requirements of the priesthood was the reason that I chose the path that I did, that plus I like neckties.
    Seriously, it is high time that the Roman Church, do away with the need for celibacy as a requirement for the priesthood in the local parish, as does the Eastern Orthodox Churches.
    Very few of their priests have been named as people who have abused children, I cannot yet recall one who has. This silly requirement started in the Middle Ages because the Church did not want the wives of the priests to inherit their fortunes and lands. Such was the animus towards this law, that the Roman Church instituted the celibacy rule for priests of the Roman Church. I would be amazed at the fact that if this Pope or any Pope for the next 2 generations considers this a worthy thing, yet the people must start working for married and women priests. For if they do not, then surely the Roman Church in America and Canada will die out for lack of men who are willing to give their lives for the priesthood and its stifling bondage.

  • http://http://www.christus-oder-kirche.de/christ-or-church/index.php. Littlebird

    Although the bishop of the child abuse scandal in Ireland will resign, will help the victims and their families who have been emotionally traumatized, not to forget the alienation from God caused by such “STALWART DEFENDERS” of religious faith! Where does the responsibility lie? Enforced celibacy has no biblical foundation at all! Why was it instituted in the first place? And why was such a perversion covered up for so long by an organization that claims to be the guardian of Christian ethics and morals? And why was this allowed by the authorities for so long? Were church and state in each other pockets? May we hope that the discussion with the Pope at the Vatican next week will HELP clear up ALL THE TRADITIONS AND PRACTICES, DOGMAS AND RITES, that CONTRADICT the teachings of the greatest Prophet of all times, Jesus of Nazareth? AND PERHAPS, WHILE THEY’RE AT IT, start compensating for ALL THE wrongs DONE OVER THE ages?! What would Jesus of Nazareth say if He came to the Earth and saw what the church – which claims to speak for Him – has made of His life’s work? A small group in Germany called“ The Free Christians for the Christ of the Sermon on the Mount in All Cultures Worldwide” is against such shameful sham Christianity. They announced a lawsuit against the Catholic Church. As they put it, they do not want to remain silent anymore on the “brazen labeling fraud,” with which Christ is mocked and His name abused to such an extent. They demand that the Catholic Church no longer call itself “Christian.”As a Christian. Perhaps your readers would like to check them out: http://www.christus-oder-kirche.de/christ-or-church/index.php

  • http://www.christ-orchurch.de Littlebird

    The website for The Free Christians for the Christ of the Sermon on the Mount in All Cultures Worldwide has been changed to: http://www.christ-or-church.de