Prostitution Ban Legal In Czech Republic

A Czech court ruled that towns have the power to limit prostitution in public places. The ruling spoke to the issue of the prevalence of prostitution in towns bordering Germany where it is very common for German males to cross over the border in search of prostitutes. The ruling is creating a constitutional issue for the Czech Republic whose laws until now have been ambiguous on this topic. The court decision said towns could ban sex services in public places, create zones of prostitution or not regulate prostitution at all.

The mayor of Teplice responded to the decision by seeking a law which would make prostitutes pay for a license and see a doctor every three months. Other Czechs are concerned that laws regulating prostitution would result in it being pushed behind closed doors and open the way for criminals to gain control of the occupation.

Prostitution is among the oldest human occurrences and was prevalent thousands of years ago. Modern people forget that in ancient times, prostitution was among the small number of occupations open to a single woman. Many strong willed women entered prostitution seeking independence or to earn sufficient income to open a shop or use as a dowry.
Information from Prague Post