Rape Victim Intimidated By Police

In Cambodia, a 12 year-old girl sat on a bed and struggled with words to describe how three policemen assaulted her. Her mother had shaved the girl’s head to highlight the shame cast on the family by the girl being unable to prevent three policemen from assaulting her. The mother complained and was told by police it might be better not to complain, and they even offered her a bribe of a few hundred dollars to shut up. The mother is convinced there will be retaliation such as forcing her from their home.

The girl had run away, and when apprehended by the police they took her to the station and then raped her. The officers deny any such attack took place. This is a simple story, but unfortunately, an all too common one in many places in the world. The police remain, for hundreds of million people it is a frightening force in their lives. The flip side is that a girl who is attacked commonly winds up not only being the victim, but the one who must be punished.
Information from Cambodia Daily