Remember Darfur? It’s Happening Again

Darfur enters and slips out of the news with frequency. It appears the organized process of death and destruction on the part of the Sudan government has been renewed with ever increasing fury as janjaweed and Sudanese military resume their scorched earth policy of driving out the people of Darfur. The same old tactics are being used. Air bombings, followed by sending in ground forces, looting, killing and rape while the world stands idly by engaged in its endless debate on how to persuade the government of the Sudan to behave in a civilized manner. The Independent reports the village of Sileah, which once had a population of about 20,000, was found by UN officials now to have a few hundred left after the latest attacks by janjaweed and Sudan forces. Witnesses say girls as young as 10 were mass-raped by government troops. Most people are fleeing with whatever they have on their bodies and all possessions are left behind.

The Sudan government basically doesn’t care what Hollywood celebrities or if the world issues concerned statements, it goes on and on with the massacre of the innocent. In fact, the Sudan air force parks its bombers at the same airport which has UN planes. A tiny Africa Union force of 7,500 is blocked and frustrated by the Sudan government at every turn and despite more speeches by western politicians, the killing has resumed with ever increasing ferocity.