Rush Blathers On And On With Nonsense

A hundred years from now when historians and social scientists examine our media, they will be baffled why so many people listened to the short dumpy man named Rush Limbaugh. If an interesting idea entered his mind it would soon die of loneliness. Rush delights in making outrageous comments in order to draw attention to his show. During the past few days Rush has zeroed in on a young Georgetown student named Sandra Fluke. She has been urging that employers be compelled to offer contraception as part of health care plans.

Rush rushed into his attack mode. He called Ms. Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”for daring to utter such words of care. In the course of his rant, Rush claimed she had discussed wild sex at the college. Actually, she described a problem of a young woman who had an ovary removed and could not get it covered by health insurance.

We checked with Mitt  Romney and are glad to offer an exclusive report. Mitt said: “In America we must always have health care. I support health care. Now as to the issue of Forcing employers to offer contraception, I will have to check with God in order to get an authoritative opinion on this topic.”