Sail Away To Disaster

The saga of the Costa Concordia cruise ship undoubtedly will become a disaster movie. We recommend that Captain Francesco Schettino as the star of this flick because it is doubtful any real actor can act as silly as this man who masquerades as a sea captain. He sailed close to an island in order to make a salute to those on shore. He wanted to show off his ship and wound up showing off his stupidity. To make matters worse, the captain certainly did not go down with the ship. In fact he hurried ashore while passengers still fled for their lives. When asked by police to return and help, the man of the hour decided it best to head to a cafe or home for some rest.

The real questions emerging from this fiasco is whether there are ANY regulations for how a cruise ship sails and ANY supervision of those responsible for sailing ships. To make matters worse, there is now an environmental disaster in the making. People are dead and the good captain is dead wrong in his behavior.

What was that about “women and children first?”