Santoroum Needs An Aspirin

The life of Rick Santorum has undergone dramatic change from the time he was the guy at the end of the platform who waited for a chance to talk about his grandfather the coal miner and his wonderful children. Suddenly, the odd man out has become the odd man in. Rick has been getting gobs of money from someone named FosterFriess, who believes in all the right things in life from hating gays to blaming the poor for being poor. On a recent TV show, the man with money told an interviewer that women should place an aspirin between their knees” and stop worrying about contraceptives.

Media outlets blasted Foster which led Rick to enter the fray on grounds that liberals can say and do as they like, but one slip of the tongue is unfair. “He is a good man. He told a bad off color joke.” And, then Rick pointed out the media gave Obama a free ride when his pastor the Rev. Wright made some not so right statements.  Actually, Fox News never halted their claims that Barack Obama agreed with Wright and that Obama was not even born in this country.