Sarah Palin On Today

Say what you can concerning Sarah Palin, but one has to admit that a woman lacking intelligence, beauty, wit or knowledge has certainly taken her skill at beard hunting to a new level of prosperity. She has begun working on the Today Show and the public will become more involved in her life and thoughts. What can one expect from this individual who thinks one can see Siberia from her Alaska window?

1.   She will come out strongly in favor of life, that is for any form of life still in a body.

2.   Her political  philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: Anyone but Obama.

3.  She will giggle over cooking, smile at pictures of children, and come out passionately in favor of children.

4.  She will make clear that if you  lack money for health insurance, the solution is quite simple– remain healthy by doing a lot of hunting.

5.  If you lack a job, please listen to her words of wisdom: Pray to God.

6.  We can expect an  investigative piece of journalism dealing with the birth of Barack Obama in a jungle site in Kenya.

7. Above all, she will do constant smiling.