Sarah Turns Anti-Republican

Sarah Palin has finally revealed her plan for securing the presidency–run against everyone, Republican or  Democrat. She intends to transform herself as the champion of the American people and use their disgust with politicians to become the anti-politician. She derided fellow Republicans who seek “mammoth amounts ” of cash from corporate donors, and poses the question: “what, if anything, do their donors expect from their investments” In other words, Sarah is against “crony capitalism” where connections get you power and money.

Sarah Palin wants to return to the good old days and end these “hair brained ideas like solar panels and really fast trains.” In other words, they are nothing more than “Obama’s train to bankruptcy.”

How about returning to horses and wagons? I guess she is upset at that Socialist President Abraham Lincoln who got the crazy idea of investing in fast trains rather than giving up our beloved horse and wagon. First solar panels, next fast trains, and then what– using wind power and other non-oil ideas!!