Saudi Arabians Continue Abusing Migrant Workers

Saudi Arabia, like most oil producing Middle East nations, has encouraged thousands of migrants to seek work only to discover their employers are guilty of rape, abuse and even murder. It is rare for a Saudi Arabian to be tried, let alone convicted for this abusive behavior. Indonesians are infuriated at the latest examples of what happens to their nationals in Saudi Arabia. Two young women were beaten, tortured and killed by their employers who claimed the Indonesians engaged in black magic activities. Indonesian Migrant director, Ais Hidayeh, commented: “This case is no longer one individual case because numerous Indonesian workers have been abused, raped and killed in the Middle East.

The mistreatment of Pakistani or Indonesian or African workers in the Middle East is among the most unreported stories. These workers are regarded as ghosts whose presence is never recorded despite the record of murder and beatings. The abusive behavior has also resulted in numerous cases of suicide.