Secular Forces Successful In Indonesia

Secular-nationalist and Islamc paty coalitions were most succesful in Indonesia in 2007. Secular-nationalist parties won about 55% of 38 regional elections held across the nation whle nationalist runnin g alone won 31% while Islamic groups running alone only obtaned 8%. According to Jeirry Sumampow, of the People’s Voter Eduction Netword(JPPR) most Indonesians prefer leaders who represent a broad spectrum of their society. A continuing problem is the lack of success for female candidates and only three won elections. Jeirry emphasized that corruption remains a major issue in politics and incumbents appear to use their term in office to build coalitions within their constituencies.

The road to democracy is not a smooth one, but Indonesia, the world’s most populous nation, demonstrates that a Muslim society can be a democratic one. Perhaps, Indonesia is a model for Pakistan.