Sex Assaults Rise In Military

Sexual assaults in the military rose by 245 in 2006, and more than twice as many offenders were punished. There were nearly 3,000 sexual assault reports filed in 2006 compared with 2,400 the previous year. Action was taken against 780 people from court-martial actions to discharges for administrative reasons. The military counts rape, nonconsensual sodomy, indecent assault and attempts to commit any of those as sexual assault.

Of the 2,947 sexual assault reported, 756 were initially filed under a program allowing victims to report the incident and receive health care for counseling services, but it does not notify law enforcement or commanders. This provides victims to decide what they wish to do. When action was taken against an offender, one-third were court-martialed. An additional 243 received non-judicial punishment and 245 were either discharged or received some form of administrative action.
Information from Stars& Stripes