Snip Snip, Laugh, Laugh!

Latest reports from the Mitt Romney headquarters reveal the Republican candidate for president of the United States intends to blame Barack Obama for recent court decisions in Germany which prevent Jews and Muslims from conducting the circumcision ritual for new born boys. Mitt believes the free enterprise system allows our job creators to snip away as they desire without government interference. First, the government came for a boy’s penis, then they came for a girl’s virginity and eventually they will insist on the old “droit de royal,” which allows a nobleman to sleep with the newly wed bride.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is furious at the Cologne court ruling which claimed a bit of snip snip resulted in “bodily harm.” In all honesty, I do not recall the snip of my penis. As Merkel put it: “I do not want Germany to be the only country in the world where Jews and Muslims cannot practice their rituals or else we will become a laughing stock.”

Perhaps, if members of the Tea Party had a snip here and there in their minds, they actually might be able to utilize rational reasoning.