Sri Lanka Follies

We Americans possess a dysfunctional government in which personal vendettas dominate decision making. At least there is one country in this world in which a leader’s personal decisons decide what happens in society. President Mahinda Rajapaksa led his nation into victory over Tamil rebels and used this triumph as justification for being a petty little dictator. After crushing opposition and sending to prison a general who led his victorious forces, Mahinda is not satisfied. For some reason chief justice Shirani Bandaranayake refused to allow him complete power over all aspects of government.

She has been removed from office, her husband is charged with acts of bribery and the chief justice even  fears for her life. “My life is in danger. The lives of all three of us(husband and daughter) are in danger. They would not even allow her to saygoodbye to colleagues  as they rushed her from the building.

Ah,democracy, Sri Lanka style