Stoning to Death of Iraqi Girl Provokes Killings

The stoning to death of a teenage girl belonging to the Yazidi religious sect because she fell in love with a Muslim man has led to a spiral of violence in northern Iraq in which 23 elderly factory workers have been shot to death and 800 Yazidi students forced to flee their university in Mosul.

There are about 350,000 Kurdish speaking Yazidi, members of a religion which is a mixture of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, as well as Zoroastrian elements. The girl, Doaa Dekhil, converted to Islam to marry the Muslim man who was also a Kurd. She was met by a howling mob of 2,000 people who began to beat and stone her as the police watched. No one intervened while she was being beaten to death. Two weeks later a busload of workers from a factory in Mosul was halted by armed men who allowed any Christian to leave. They then took the bus to eastern Mosul where the mainly elderly workers were lined up and shot. The Yazidi college students who fled their university were told to convert to the Muslim religion or face death.
Information from The Independent, England

There is no doubt neo-conservatives around Bush did not have the faintest idea concerning religious issues in Iraq prior to the invasion. Under Saddam Hussein a tight lid was kept on religious antagonisms toward minority groups like Christians and the Yazidi. The collapse of a strong army and police force has enabled street thugs and religious fanatics to vent their anger on these Iraq minorities. Isn’t it ironic that born-again Christian George Bush is presiding over the end of Christianity in Iraq?