Swedish Ambassador Angers Homophobic Lithuanians

Sweden’s ambassador to Lithuania angered homophobic protestors by calling for their nation to provide rights to gay and lesbian people. Malin Karre, speaking to the Lithuanian Parliament, on the International Day of Fighting Homophobia (May 18) in the world, told Parliament that Sweden is “opposed to any goals to trample human rights including the rights of people with non-traditional sexual orientation.”

Her comments unleashed a fury of anger from anti-gay activists who not only picketed her appearance but issued statements condemning her comments. Vaidas Vysniauskas, an opera soloist and leader of the For Honor and Nation group, claimed the ambassador “hurt religious feelings of faithful Lithuanian citizens, and maybe her ideas are OK in Sweden but they have no place in his country.

I always find it fascinating how people opposing gay and lesbian rights wrap themselves in the flag of “Nation” and “Honor.” Mr. Vysniauskas, like every other person opposing gay and lesbian rights, is concerned that allowing people with “non-traditional sexual orientations” to get together is heading a nation down the road to oblivion of its traditional family system. Frankly, I really don’t like expressions such as “non-traditional sexual orientation” because any study of human history reveals that homosexual behavior was common in the vast majority of societies. How could something that has been around for thousands of years be “non-traditional?”

The name “For Honor and Nation” sounds too much like the type of rhetoric one heard from Nazis. But most members of this group forget that hundreds of Nazis were discovered to be secretly engaged in homosexual behaviors. I wonder.
Information from The Baltic Times