Teenage Tales Of Violence

She was a fourteen year old girl who arrived in the United States last year because her parents had decided to leave Ireland and try their luck in another land. Poebe was an attractive girl with joy in her heart and a desire to become part of S. Hadley High School. It is still not clear, but for some reason she aroused the anger of a group of nasty girls who proceeded to make life hell on Earth for this stranger in a strange land. She was assaulted, insulted and subjected to Internet attacks from a host of teenage girls who delighted in inflicting hate on the girl. A few weeks ago, Phoebe gave up and hung herself.

Dzhanet Abdurakhmanova was a young teenage bride in the province of Dagestan which is located in the North Caucusus region. Her husband was a militant who fought against the oppression of Russian soldiers and finally was killed by the enemy. Unlike Phoebe, Dzhanet did not retreat into anger, but decided to strike back against those who inflicted pain. A few days ago, she boarded a subway in Moscow, glanced around, smiled for a fleeting moment and recalled the face of her husband. Then, slowly and calmly she pulled on a string and an explosion rocked the subway car. The final count came to 40 dead and over 90 wounded.

It is a tale of two girls.