Tell It, But We Won’t Hear If We Don’t Want to Hear

A sailor who was open about his homosexuality received an honorable discharge but since his papers stated that he was discharged for “completion of required active service,” he is now eligible to be recalled to active duty and placed back in the Navy which just told him to leave because he openly stated that he was gay. Petty Officer Jason Knight laughingly said about his predicament: “It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous.”

It is even more amazing that the Navy Spokesperson, Cmdr. Jeff Davis claims the Navy did not know anything about Petty Officer’s sexual views until they read about it in the press. Wait a second. Here is a man who wants to be in the Navy, and apparently was doing a good job at a time when the military desperately needs personnel but they want to get rid of him. But, no, they don’t want to get rid of him because his discharge papers state clearly he is eligible to be recalled so he can then be discharged because of his sexual orientation.

I am convinced the overwhelming majority of Americans want gays and lesbians to be allowed to remain in the service. Aside from a few religious fanatics who exactly wants to get rid of them? And, pray tell, if you don’t want them then why state in discharge papers they can be recalled. I assume the military has enough on its mind than to be bothered with accepting people so they can be discharged.
Stars & Stripes June 6, 2007 “Discharge Papers Don’t Tell Sailor is Gay”