Tiger, Stay Out Of Saudi Arabia!

Although Saudi Arabia has plenty of sand and some nice golf courses we strongly recommend to Tiger Woods that he steer clear of the place. A Saudi court upheld the conviction of Mazen Abdul Jawad, who was sentenced to a five year prison term and 1,000 lashes for discussing his sexual encounters on the Lebanese Broadcasting Company’s TV program. He, along with some friends decided to let the world know they were sexually promiscuous and enjoyed a romp in the sand with girls. Unfortunately, they live in Saudi Arabia, a bastion of the free world’s fight against terrorism, but not a bastion of those who enjoy sex.

We strongly recommend to Tiger Woods that he remain in sexual isolation and avoid being seen with any Saudi girls. Who knows how far the reach of the Saudi judicial system. If Mazen got a 1,000 lashes for TALKING about sex, what in God’s name will Tiger get for DOING the sex??