Tony Blair Seeks Refuge In America!

Among the mysteries of my life is how a man who claims to be a “Socialist” has devoted his life to aiding the rich and fostering war. Tony Blair lied to the people of Great Britain as well as the world when he supported the Bush invasion of Iraq in search of the ever elusive WMD. Now, that Tony has been blasted by groups such as the Chilcot inquiry for failing to be honest about the reasons for war, he has decided to head for cover in the wilds of America. The Tony Blair Foundation which seeks to foster inter-faith cooperation, is making contact with such eminent American theologians as Rick Warren, head of the Saddleback Church, who does not approve of gays and lesbians, but, what the heck, they don’t count as Christians, anyway.

Tony, we have enough hypocrites in America–Bush Cheney, Rumsfeld, and we certainly don’t need any imported ones. Remain in the United Kingdom and wander around explaining why hundreds of British men and women died or were wounded because of your lies. In fairness, Tony Blair has always been open about his faith, the problem is, he has never been open about his politics.