Turkey-Can Divisions Be Bridged?

During the past hundred years the Turkish military and court system have been bastions defending secular traditions established a hundred years ago by Kemal Ataturk. The emergence of the Justice and Development Party led by Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul has not only exacerbated these gaps as to what constitutes the basis of a modern Turkey. In its March report, the European Union noted that generals in the Turkish army had intervened in order to end investigations about allegations there was a plot to overthrow the Muslim government of Erdogan. Ironically, any attempt by the Erdogan party, AKP to push for more Muslim rights will only make harder entry into the European Union.

There is need for some assembly or convention which could clearly describe the nature of a Turkish government which respected religious rights without threatening those of secularists. Is it possible? If it were to emerge, this could be a Muslim 21st century model