Turkish Prostitutes Fight for Human Rights

Two women who openly admitted to having been prostitutes have announced they are running for the Turkish Parliament in order to assist those working in prostitution. As Ayse Tukrukcu said: “People who work in brothel are also voters. It is not the prostitutes but those who force them to work in such a way that should feel shame.”

I suspect this is a landmark event in Turkish Parliamentary history when prostitutes feel they have the right to openly discuss their situation and announce they wish to enter the legislature in order to fight for prostitute rights. The two women actually invited Turkish political parties to visit brothels and examine working conditions but none accepted their invitation. I suspect there are some men in those political parties who are quite aware of brothel conditions, but have learned, not by studying anything, but by visiting them. The two women wanted to enter brothels and speak with prostitutes, but were halted by the police. I would like to know if the police halt men who wish to enter brothels or is it only women who wish to deal with horrible working conditions?
Turkish Daily News June 6, 2007 “Two Former Prostitutes Running for Parliament”