US Lawmaker Wants Probe of Postwar Brothels

Rep. Mike Honda is sponsoring a resolution urging Japan to apologize for coercing thousands of Asian women to serve as sex slaves during World War II. Although he rejected any comparison with American run-brothels in Japan, he thought it important to clarify America’s postwar record in sponsoring prostitution among Japanese women. An AP review of historical documents and records show US authorities permitted an official brothel system to operate despite internal reports that women were being coerced in prostitution. Tens of thousands of Japanese women were employed to provide cheap sex for American troops.
Information from The Japan Times

As a G.I. stationed in postwar Germany, it was evident that thousands of German women were trying to handle the loss of husbands and loved ones by resorting to prostitution. A carton of cigarettes was sufficient to get a woman for the night. I suspect Japanese and German female prostitution arose from the catastrophic conditions in their nations after the surrender to Allied forces. No one had to force anyone into prostitution because for many it was literally the only way to survive.