Vatican Issues New Thou Shall Not List

In olden days, the seven deadly sins included such things as gluttony and greed, but modern times have arrived and the Vatican has issued a new list of what Catholics should be concerned about. Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Apolistic Penitentiary offered a new list of thou shall not for Catholics. He cited “violations of the basic rights of human nature” through genetic manipulation, drugs that “weaken the mind and cloud intelligence,” and the imbalance between the rich and poor. “If yesterday sin had a rather individuaistic dimension, today it has a weight, a resonance, that’s especially social, rather than individual.” Girotti noted “the poor are always becoming poorer and the rich even more rich feeding unsustanable social injustice.”

One can only assume with the Church’s commitment to reducing the imbalance between rich and poor, the Pope would be against Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthy. Somehow, I doubt if members of the Catholic hierarchy will emerge as liberals dedicated to the needs of poor people.