Walmart Discounts Strikes

If you seek a bargain then head to Walmart, the mother of all bargains. I realize there are some backward business establishments which adhere to the strange and un-American concept that people who work should receive sufficient income in order to maintain a middle class life. The average employee at Walmart earns $25,000 a year-before taxes–which comes out to about $2,000 a month. If one simply ate three meals a day at their local Walmart, this amount would be more than sufficient to allow that family to become obese and enjoy a typical American life style. Dozens of people were arrested for striking at Walmart stores since they were interrupting the right of people to live the life of poverty.

Each person has the constitutional right to be poor. Check the 2nd Amendment-we always check this Amendment when we want to do something that makes no sense. Denise Barlage, a typical Walmart worker told reporters she spent the day worrying about expressing the wrong words because to do so,means they could be fired.