We Love Them, But Let Them Starve!

Somalia is not so much a nation as it is a human quandry. War and death have gone on without a break for over thirty years and millions have died either through fighting or through famine. Somali kills Somali. Religious Muslims kill religious Muslims. Famine is killing thousands of people and efforts to secure food for them are being hampered by the Somali government. It announced that no foreign aid workers would be allowed to provide food  in areas controlled by al-Shabaab.

As Governor Mohamed Ahmed Nur put it: “We  want to help the starving Somalis in al-Shabaab areas . bit we don’t want the foreign aid workers to meet al-Shabaab.” He ordered the detention of Turkish charity workers seeking to bring food to starving Somalis. huh? Honest, Governor Nur, food is food, and whoever gives it to me, saves my life. How about displaying the beliefs of a Muslim?