What Price Love For Silvio Berlusconi?

Silvio Berlusconi is not only a man who stands tall for Italy, he also maintains a strict upward stance when in the presence of any woman who attracts his attention. Some men stand tall for moral behavior, but the Italian prime minister stands physically tall at all times of the day or night. Unfortunately, some of his tall physical episodes with young attractive ladies have not set down very well with his wife. Veronica Lario is seeking a divorce and wants Silvio to hand over about $70 million a year to soothe her hurt feelings. Silvio reportedly does not believe his night and day escapades are worth his estranged wife more than about $5 million a year. After all, he has graced her with three children and if he desires more it is only fair that his ex-wife to be should be grateful for the money he is willing to expend just as she should thank him for the semen he donated.

Ah, for those of us who inhabit another world, $70 million or $20 million or $5 million a year are more than enough compensation for spending time with the Romeo of the twentieth century. Then again, it is the twenty first century and perhaps the $70 million is really not that much for a single woman with three kids.