When Is A Man A Man Or When Is He A She?

The couple walked into a Norfolk, Virginia courthouse for a marriage ceremony just like thousands had done before, exchanged their vows, and walked out as man and woman. But, lo and behold, several weeks later someone noticed that the man and the woman were really the man and the man so Justin McCain and Aontonio Blount have now been charged with a misdemeanor by Virginia authorities. The prosecutor has to prove they knowingly misled officials when they applied for a license but it is unclear if the bride identified him/herself as herself has a right to do so. Mr. McCain gave his/her name as “Justine” and the driver license submitted somehow escaped the scrutiny of officials because it identified her/him as him. Al Coward, the local marriage commissioner said, “they pawned themselves off as a man and a woman and they did a very good job.”

The entire matter might have escaped notice but McCain applied for a name change to Penelopsky Aaryonna Goldberry and the entire matter came to light. Virginia officials are trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

One might assume once Senator John McCain heard that a person with the name of McCain was passing him/herself off as a woman he would have been upset and urged that he/she change back to he so the Democrats would not charge Senator McCain with being a supporter of transgender marriages. The poor man has enough problems this week with his aide spouting off about terrorist attacks.