Where Have All Republicans Gone?

The train they call the United States of America is headed for another crash by November of this year.Oh, the economy is progressing slowly but surely. Initial reports from states that have implemented the Affordable Care
Act indicate is has driven down health insurance costs. The monthly government debt is declining, instead of a national debt this year of a trillion, it will be closer to $500 billion. New job figures are holding steady at about 200,000 even though a high percent of these work opportunities are low wage positions or part time ones. This has angered the Republican party which told America last fall the election of Barack Obama would result in rising debt and an economic collapse. So, what does a political party do when its predictions have proven incorrect? It goes on the attack. John Boehner boasts the important function of government is what it does NOT do, not what it does. He insists the Republican party stands for rejecting new ideas except the idea of do nothing.

America has major problems that must be addressed whether rebuilding our infrastructure to heavily financing scientific research and start up enterprises. Republicans claim they are “job creators” but refuse to support aiding job creation. Oh, I forgot, lower taxes, give money to the wealthy and they will then create jobs. McDonald’s has provided its employees a pamphlet which explains how to live on a poverty salary. After all, they do have a job!