Will Obama Display Backbone On Gay Rights?

President Barack Obama spent his first year in office surrounded by Harvard types who told him the safe way is the coward way of life. He refused to do anything about jobs and he refused to address issues about the rights of gays in the military. For some reason, he is surprised that those who supported him regard his presidency as Bush lite. There are rumors in today’s State of the Union address chocolate eclair backbone Obama may finally come out and stand tall for gay rights in the military. A man whose group refused to take second class citizenship lying down refused for an entire year to speak out on behalf of our gay countrymen who risk their lives in combat!

The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is a disgrace to thousands of our fighting men and women who daily risk their lives while congressmen who have never fought pontificate about morality. Any congressmen who refuses to change this law should head to the nearest recruiting station and volunteer for front line combat. If not, change this insulting law.