Witchcraft Attracts Females

Record numbers of young women are dabbling in witchcraft, fueling a boom in sales of spell books and other pagan materials. A recent study uncovered over 700,000 internet sites for teenage witches. The Pagan Federation claims to have several hundred inquiries each week from young people, particularly from women under the age of 18. “There has been a noticeable rise in the number of young people identifying themselves as witches,” claims Denise Cush, professor of religion at Bath Spa University.

According to her study, which is based on interviews with witches aged 18-24, it is the attitude toward women which most attracts them. “Paganism and witchcraft appealed because of their clear feminist credential and absence of homophobia. A main attraction is the positive valuation of women in comparison with other religions.”

If there is any validity regarding Ms. Cush’s claims, it really is a sad commentary on other religions. Why must women move toward witchcraft in order to be in a religion which is supportive of women?
Information from The Independent