Woman Accused Of Running Brothel Abducted

Female Islamic students participating in an anti-vice drive abducted a woman who allegedly was a brothel owner in Pakistan. After they locked her up at their fundamentalist seminary, police arrested four of the seminary’s teachers which, in turn, led to a demonstration by students demanding their release. According to Abdul Rashid Ghazi, vice principal of the seminary, “These vulgarities (brothels) are destroying society and the decree says that in this situation, jihad is the only way. The police have arrested our respected veiled teachers for a corrupt woman.”
Information from China Daily

Every time I read about stories regarding anger toward prostitutes I am reminded that men go to these establishments, not women. These young seminary students went after the brothel owner. Would they go after the men who frequent the establishment? I am also reminded that so many of these religious seminaries are funded by our dear democratic allies in the war against terrorism—Saudi Arabia.