Yes To Felon, No To Gay, It’s The Army Way!

The absurdity of the Defense Department policy toward gays and lesbians was illusrated by the latest statstics which indicate convicted felons, people guilty of manslaughter and so on can get waivers to enter the armed forces, but there is no room for gays and lesbians.! Aubrey Sarvos. executive director of the military watchdog group Servicemembers Legal Defense Network blasted the DOD in a blistering statement: “On the one hand, the Pentagon is discharging highly-qualified, honest, law-abiding men and women because they are gay, while on the other hand, granting waivers to rapists, killers, kidnappers and terrorists. Granting waivers for child molestors and rapists to serve while discharging lesbians and gays is utter madness.”

We truly inhabit a Kafka like world run by a president who invents enemies as readily as he lies about WMD. Where else but under the Bush banner of fighting terrorism would America get rid of law-abiding citizens in order to hire criminals and rapists!!