ZunZero Zeroed Out In Cuba

Shocking surprise in Latin America. We know the CIA and NASA were checking phone calls from the President of Brazil since it is their duty to protect the United States of America against foreign terrorists like the current Brazilian leader. It now turns out the CIA and other American agencies have organized a secret social network in Cuba which is called, Zunzero. At present nearly 50,000 Cubans who possess a cell phone are linked in this social network, which apparently is working to overthrow the government of Cuba. The Cuban government is upset because they never gave permission for the United States to spy in their land. Big deal, we Americans never gave permission for our government to spy in the United States!

Some Cubans enjoy being part of a social network that is not linked with their government although many do not wish to be part of an American spy network in their land. The basic principle of any social network is that others have the right to pester you day and night with their idiotic comments on life. Why are Cubans anything but glad to be pestered by an unknown body, this is what they have been experiencing for over half a century?

Anyway, I am glad the NSA or the CIA is working the Cuba beat, that means less time to pester those of us in the US who want some isolation from the big, bad government. We suggest that Cubans simply dial “S” for spy and yack along with another person.