Another Bush Diplomatic Blunder!

A Syrian newspaper, Tishrin, pointed out another example of Bush’s lack of a sophisticated understanding of world affairs. Tishrin referred to the Bush quote in which he referred to Israel as a “Jewish State.” Perhaps, the president is unaware but there are hundreds of thousands of Arab Muslims and Christians who reside in Israel and are citizens of their nation. Most American Jews would feel insulted if the United States was described as a “Christian nation.” Tishrin, probably reflecting government attitudes, termed Annapolis a victory “only for Israel.” It described the conference as a “carnival that reminds us of similar celebrations since oslo until today and of agreements that with time have gone with the wind.”

Arab nations have every right to be disappointed with Annapolis, but so do Israelis. The people of Israel hunger for peace and stability as much as any Palestinian or Syrian. Many agreements have certainly “gone with the wind,” but the blame can equally be shared by Israel and the Palestinians for this situation. Neither side has a monopoly on righteousness nor of being blameless. On the hopeful sign, Canny Yalon, who is close to Defense Minister Barak, urged his nation to immediately engage in negotiations with Syria. “Between us,” he noted, “and Syria there’s only one issue of a border and we were very close in March, 2000.” Why not quickly resolve the issue in order to show all nations in the Middle East that a Muslim nation can resolve long standing issues of conflict with Israel?

  • mendy

    again you are totally novice to middle east affairs….
    actually you’r title is brilliantly right! annapolis is a bush diplomatic blunder (well not exactly its rice’s mess but anywayz) but not for the reasons you writing…..israel is a jewish state because that’s the way is was created: a zionist country to solve the jewish problem after world war two refer to the declaration of independance of israel.
    its has little to do with the numbers of muslims in israel…..america was an open field open to everybody you’r analogy is therefore irrelevant.
    syria was invited to a prestigious summit and was asked nothing in return: they still support terrorism,destabilize lebanon, is involved in irak and with iran and was caught red handed in nuclear proliferation only months ago. bush didnt conditioned them to even declare they will do something about it…..
    if the only issue betwen israel and syria was borders and golan the issue would have been solved in 2000 the same with south lebanon but obviously it isn’t that’s why we’re still at it…..
    to distribute blame equally in this particular issue is really a simplistic and immature way of looking at it.
    its been 60 years and is the on issue of both centuries that will stick around for some time arabs do not want it solved if they would they could have accepted the 2 state solution in 1947 when the jews accepted it….they preferred war and it is still true today in a different form.
    as every teacher knows (your teaching teachers?) we never stop learning………
    just pathetic………….

  • mendy

    o BTW just to make it a lil’ clearer………the reason bush made sure to precise ”a jewish state” (olmert has been pushing this point lately) is for a simple reason: abbas wants now 1.5 state for the palestinians and the half left for jewish israelis: he has officially declared that they will recognize israel but not as a jewish state ;which means another semi palestinian state called israel and simply means they don’t negotiate with a partner but want to eat the whole pie themselves they just need a waiter to serve it on a platter…..this is why olmert insists (and bush as well) israel is a democratic JEWISH state and will stay that way and next to it we are ready to give the palestinian their own state….. it is a TWO state solution palestinians will accept israel as it is and was meant to be and the palestinians will get what they always wanted to have.

  • Fred Stopsky

    As an American Jew I resent when any politician refers to the United States as a “Christian” nation. There are hundreds of thousands of loyal Arab Israelis as well as thousands of Christians. I regard statements that Israel is a “Jewish state” as insulting to those loyal Israeli citizens.

  • mendy

    there is nothing insulting to call a cat a cat!!!
    an atheist cannot feel insulted when the constitution in the united states includes the words ”in god we trust” these are the facts on the grounds we do not force anybody to do or say anything….their is nothing to say israel was created as a JEWISH state to solve the JEWISH problem and to bring the jews to a land of which thy have an ancestral right.
    i dont understand why they should feel insulted arabs in israel are given equal rights, the only democracy in the region,a modern state,free speech (even those against the state that give them all these rights) etc etc we do not ignore those non jewish citizens they have politicians in the knesset that know how to demand their rights. guess what you live in a state that is jewish accept it you my dear american jew should accept it too