Attorney General Gonzales Resigns

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned effective September 17, 2007. This poses a difficult situation for President Bush. If he appoints an individual with high integrity, the president runs the risk of an independent investigator being appointed to check into some of the Cheney/Bush activities that might pose problems of impeachment. If he doesn’t appoint a person of integrity, Bush will create a nasty situation at the confirmation hearings in the Senate. Democrats will insist a new Attorney General promise to investigate things like the firings of federal district attorneys. Bush’s only way out of this dilemma is finding someone who could rise about partisanship. Former, Senator John Danforth of Missouri might be such an individual although his age would be a factor. Or, Bush could pull a fast one and name a Democrat who supports the Iraq war and would be hesitant to push investigations too far. The fun and games have just begun in the Senate.