Barack Obama, Liberal, Pragmatist, Placator?

Barack Obama ran on a platform that vigorously condemned Bush administration violation of the Constitutional rights of people. He noted the horror of Guantanamo prison and promised, if elected, to do something about it in order to restore America’s reputation in the world as a land based on respect for human rights. Last month, the president of the United States authorized the murder of an American citizen who was “suspected” of being an al-Qaeda leader. The President of the United States endorsed Bush administration laws concerning wire tapping, and the use of special techniques for “enhanced interrogation.” These decisions were made by an individual who used to be a “teacher of constitutional law.” In England, there is a Chilcot inquiry which investigates what happened in the events leading to the UK entering the war in Iraq. Evidence is now clear that Tony Blair(and, his buddy George Bush)knew there were no WMD. Every effort to have such an inquiry occur in the USA has been halted by Barack Obama.

The evidence of that past year indicates Obama is not a liberal in the traditional sense of the word. He more often than not will assume the role of one who seeks to placate conservatives in hope of somehow securing their support. In the process of placating, our president does not take a stand for human rights. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing “enhanced procedures” in questioning prisoners. Such procedures violate the Geneva Convention which this nation agreed would serve as its model in handling prisoners captured in war.

A president of the United States of America took a solemn oath to obey the Constitution, and that means if he fails to do so by placating people, he violates his solemn oath. Such behavior is not liberal or conservative, it is simply a violation of the Constitution.