In January, 2009, this blog emphasized the two key issues confronting America was to restore our banking system and to focus on job creation. Economists like Paul Krugman were making the same pitch regarding the importance of getting people back to work so their incomes could restore the flow of money and goods. These were the same two issues that President Franklin Roosevelt confronted in 1933 and he acted swiftly to implement plans for restoring banks and providing work to the unemployed. Alas, we had a new president who knew more than anyone else. He wanted to do something, “historic” that would place his name on the pantheon of great presidents. Barack Obama decided the key issue in America was healthcare and focused the entire year on that issue. Sorry, Barack, but if someone does not have a job, how the hell do they pay a health insurance premium!

Barack Obama surrounded himself with Wall Street folk like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner, men whose main focus was on restoring confidence in Wall Street bankers and hedge fund operators who believed the Constitution gave them the inalienable right to get a billion dollar bonus every Christmas. Obama was more concerned with men of greed than with men needing work. Latest figures indicate only 54,000 new jobs were created in May.

The bad news is the lack of new jobs, the good news for Obama is the cast of incompetent idiots who seek the Republican nomination for president.