CEO Reappears After 20 Years

William Millard, a wealthy CEO disappeared about twenty years ago and just returned to our current world. This got me thinking about other people who have been gone for twenty years or so.

1. Richard Nixon returns after twenty years and is charged by current Republicans with being a “closet Socialist.” He supported affirmative action.

2. Ronald Reagan reappeared only to be told by Tea Party members to depart since he doubled the national debt and raised taxes several times.

3. Gerald Ford returned to Washington and was told by Eric Cantor that this generation of Republicans does not play cards and have good times with the enemy. It is kill or be killed for them.

4. Dwight Eisenhower reappeared only to be informed his support for keeping New Deal laws and having “the government” build vast highway systems is definite proof that he is a COMMUNIST!

5. Teddy Roosevelt showed up in Washington only to be told that the Tea Party regards him as a SOCIALIST for supporting union rights, wanting high inheritance taxes and urging the INCOME TAX AMENDMENT!!

6.  Oh, Abe Lincoln wandered in and was thrown out by the Tea Party for creating a ‘BIG GOVERNMENT” and using force against STATE RIGHTS!