Democracy In Free World Nation Of Egypt

American presidents visit Egypt and before leaving make a speech concerning how President Mubarak is a leading figure in the fight to establish democracy in the region. In fairness to our leaders, the sounds of tortured prisoners who dared to challenge the authority of pseudo-dictator, Mubarak could not be heard at the American Embassy. Of course, Mubarak is not the only Middle Eastern president who poses as a democrat. King Abdullah of Jordan, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, President Bouteflika in Algeria and a host of other distinguished fighters for freedom such as President Karzai of Afghanistan are fighting the evil forces of terrorism. Ayman Nour, an Egyptian who has spent years in prison for daring to offer an opposing view in his native Egypt has formed the Ghad party in order to offer Egyptians a valid alternative to the farce of “democracy” in their land.

Nour told the media when he wrote an article in a newspaper in 2007 asking what happens if Mubuark dies, the police beat him up and threw him out of a car. Ironically, then President Bush expressed concern, but after a few words of “concern,” Mubarak went on with beatings and fraudulent elections. Nour wants to challenge Mubarak because he understands once the head of Egypt dies, his son Gamal will become the next democratically elected head of Egypt.