Dick Cheney And Barack Obama Are Kissing Cousins!

During her book tour Mrs. Lynne Cheney dropped a bombshell by revealing research discovered the vice president and Senator Barack Obama shared a common ancestor about 11 generations ago. Bill Burton, a spokesperson for Obama told CNN: “Obviously, Dick Cheney is the black sheep of the family.” A few weeks ago it was revealed Obama was related to President Bush by a common ancestor 11 generations ago. Mrs. Cheney also found that Hillary Clinton and the vice president share a common ancestor about 8 generations ago.

This web site anxiously awaits news confirming that Cheney is related to Osama bin Laden, given the boost in prestige and power he has given al-Qaeda’s leader by the disastrous war in Iraq. How else can the stupidity of this venture be explained? Now, as for the Hillary connection,……

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