Editorial: McCain’s Nightmare– George Bush!

The candidacy of Senator John McCain has centered its major argument around the issue of his allegedly greater knowledge of foreign affairs than his opponent, Barack Obama. McCain has hammered away at the “inexperienced” Obama who wants to negotiate with terrorist regimes like Iran and who seeks the establishment of a timeline for the evacuation of American forces from Iraq. John McCain wanders the nation boasting he understands “how to win wars” and he has always been right about Iraq.

Lo and behold, who has come to the rescue of Barack Obama– his beloved ally, George Bush. The president has sent an envoy to negotiate with Iranian officials and there is speculation the United States will soon open diplomatic offices in Tehran. For some reason, President Bush has decided to accept the ideas of Barack Obama for negotiation with Iran, and reject the ideas of McCain. Of course, George, is also rejecting his own ideas, particularly his speech in his speech to the Israel Knesset where he attacked those who were appeasers and wanted to negotiate with terrorist regimes.

To add to the problems of Senator McCain, president Bush has now agreed with Iraq government’s demands for a timeline for the evacuation of US troops. In a nutshell, the current Bush administration has agreed with everything Barack Obama has argued for in the Middle East. Where does that leave John McCain? The poor senator from Arizona is now cast as the opponent of peace talks and the opponent of withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

With friends like George Bush, Senator John McCain certainly could welcome a few enemies.