No To Ground Zero Payout!

There supposedly are seven wonders in the world, but assuredly, there is also an eighth wonder–the amount of money that lawyers obtain in any financial settlement dealing with people who have gotten screwed by those in positions of authority. Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein refused to accept a negotiated settlement dealing with compensation for those who worked on the World Trade Center site after the 9/11 bombing. A nine year process of working out a settlement based on a point system would have given some workers a few thousand while others would have received hundreds of thousands. As Judge Hellerstein noted: “I will not preside over a settlement that is based on fear or ignorance.”

The United States without a doubt has among the world’s fiercest lawyers when it comes down to gaining compensation for those who suffer, but it also has those same lawyers who make certain they emerge with millions. The question is: why are lawyers necessary in working out a settlement for those who suffered? Heck,in 1944, the United States government passed the G.I. Bill of Rights to compensate those who served, and not a single penny went to lawyers!