Send The Dogs Into Afghanistan!

Let’s face it, George Bush kept on dogging it when it came to dealing with the situation in Afghanistan. He never followed through with a full complement of dogs in order to sniff out problems and get themselves blown up by mines. Of course, he had a bulldog, Dick Cheney, always on his back barking orders about what to do or not do. Then again, he was a member of the hyena led Republican party so what could one expect? Barack Obama has decided to take the leash in his hands and send in the dogs. Along with the 30,000 additional troops there will be a surge in dogs. Dogs often accompany troops on missions and have the ability to get themselves blown up. Nick Guidas, who handles the K-9 project says he has highly trained German and Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Labradors who are ready to die for their country since few Americans have similar feelings.

As Nick puts it, “because of the surge there is more need for working dogs. But, one of my main problems is getting dog food.” He has discovered although officers want more dogs they continue dogging it on the need to feed dogs. According to Guidas, there is a higher priority for Coca Cola than dog food.

How about throwing cans of Coca Cola toward the Taliban and when they go to pick them up, just shoot the devils!