American Crazies Can’t Give Up On Obama-Nazi Idea

The emergence of a hateful campaign to link President Obama with Nazism is among the most fascinating manifestations of an anger that runs through a segment of American society that refuses to accept either the idea of an African American as president or the reality that a majority of people do not trust the Republican party with its future. The Secret Service and local Massachusetts police are investigating a swastika that was carved into a golf green along with the name, “Obama.” It is a minor incident in itself, but symptomatic of a pervading emotion that cuts through those who hate Obama, the Democratic party, liberals, gays, lesbians and other aspects of modern life. They continually shout about the need to “return America to what it once was.” Of course, the America that once was in their view was run by white skinned people and the poor were ignored.

A reason for the emergence of these haters is the collapse of teaching American history in our schools because the entire curriculum these days is given over to studying for tests. Each year, fewer and fewer students have history courses that educate about the history of the United States in any meaningful manner. Teachers lack knowledge of the history of labor unions, the Populist Party, the Progressive movement or the candidacy of Socialists like Eugene Debs who captured a million votes in the 1912 presidential election. We have cut our youth off from the liberal history of this nation.

  • http://msn j dieter

    this guy that called bush a liar is no republican. he is the liar . there is not much truth in the obama camp either evwry one working under him lie to the public every time they open there mouth . and the president sure is back backing off all his campain i do believe that is considered